TOB Monthly Campus [cycle A] (Print: Set of 8)




Due to time constraints and similarities in age-appropriateness, Campus is the same content as Teens, but with different covers

  1. With your purchase you will receive 8 issues of TOB Monthly Campus. Each is colorful and engaging.
  2. Issues include an introduction, activities, Scripture quotes, saint quotes, TOB quotes, anatomy facts, psychology facts, service extension, ‘want to learn more?’ section, inspiring images, reflection prompts, splurge & save section + more!
  3. The issues detail these 8 Christian anthropology standards: 1. All God’s creation is a gift 2. People are ordered differently from + above animals 3. Males + females both have full dignity, with different bodies 4. Our body + soul are unified; the body reveals the person 5. Our human nature is good, and can be fallen, redemptive + heavenly 6. We need to see the true person (self and others) as a revered gift 7. Freely offering yourself in service makes a sincere and mutual gift-of-self  8. We are all called to live love in marriage or celibacy
  4. The issues use the language of the Theology of the Body: life in the womb, natural death, identity in God, complementarity, inherent goodness, civil + natural law, truth, beauty, community, spirit of poverty, meaning in suffering … to address these common cultural concerns: abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology, homosexuality, critical race theory, immigration, tolerance, utilitarianism, narcissism, materialism, hedonism

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