A night for LIFE

Saturday’s Life Gala was a blast. TOBPS was honored to be recognized alongside Abby Johnson and the now famous (2 million You Tube views!) Sisters of Life.

Thank you to the team at the Archdiocese of Portland for planning such an important and momentous occasion, and for recognizing the work of TOBPS. Thank you to the volunteers who worked the event for TOBPS!

My favorite takeaways:

  1. the JOY – so many smiles, people loving the opportunity to connect, and to celebrate something so important
  2. the HOPE – so many mentions of Portland being a great place for hope because of the room for the Holy Spirit to move here
  3. the WITNESS – so many awards, individuals, organizations, speakers, parishes, and guests working for life in big and small ways

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of TOBPS.

We are busy working on Cycle B of TOB Monthly and planning for future efforts with marketing and fundraising.

For Love of God, Body + Soul,

Lindsay + TOBPS