New Brewings for TOBPS

October brought falling leaves and a bunch of new things for TOBPS. Personally I attended the best Oktoberfest since Munich and enjoyed watching my boys play soccer and football while settling into my new parish side gig as the faith formation gal. I have most enjoyed prepping weekly crafts for the First Reconciliation kiddos.

Back to TOBPS … probably most exciting is our development of the Regional Reps Program and our plan for local school trainings. Here are some details:

  • First we want to assure you that we are still working hard on edits for Teens, Middles, and all Spanish translations of TOB Monthly which will be available soon!
  • Just like we have been supporting the budding growth of TOB Community hostesses across the country, we are now supporting people who wish to rep us and our good work at conferences, expos, retreats, etc. in their local area. It’s pretty easy; you contact us, we train you and send you materials, you go share the good news! This is the TOBPS Regional Reps Program, and its fairly informal so don’t hesitate to reach out even if you’re not entirely sure and you just want to chat with us about it to learn more (ps you don’t have to sell anything or house bulky materials – we keep it super simple – you just have to have a joyful personality that can’t wait to share about the goodness of this magazine!)
  • We are developing a package of training options for local schools and parishes here in the PNW (Pacific Northwest). Eventually we hope to travel to help implement these trainings across the country as well. They will include interactive and fun crafts, service, art, and cross-curricular applications of TOB for teachers and faith leaders. If a school has adopted one TOB curriculum in particular we will work in tandem with that curriculum to help it come alive and become fully utilized. Instead of adding anything to any plates, we want to help streamline and simplify the school/parish goal for TOB.
  • Finally we want to give a huge shoutout to our friend and colleague Ann Gundlach who is the editor of Embodied magazine. We LOVE this magazine and Ann and I feel that the work that we do with TOB Monthly and Embodied magazines are a natural continuation of one another. Where TOB Monthly leaves off (age 18ish), Embodied picks up (adult). The magazine is absolutely beautiful (and reveals the truth of TOB in regular everyday stories with stunning minimalist photography). I got a basket specifically for the purpose of leaving all my issues out in my living room. It’s an amazing Christmas gift idea for women and couples in your life. Click here to order.

May the blessings of all the Saints and souls in Heaven be upon you!

Saint JPII, pray for us!

Your TOBPS Leadership Team