Bobby Angel joins TOBPS

Bobby Angel joins TOBPS as a content contributor!

God provides, all the time. As you likely know, we are a little operation with a big heart and huge dreams. But we reached a limit recently – so many dreams, too few hands – and we prayed for the perfect addition to our team to help us write the rest of our initial content.

Bobby Angel worked for eight years as a high school campus minister and theology teacher, and holds a Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute. He met his wife, Jackie, while taking courses at the Theology of the Body Institute. An author and regular contributor to the YouTube channel for Ascension Press, Bobby lives in Texas with his wife and four children.

Our ‘initial content’ looks like this:

TOB Monthly Littles, English (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Kids, English (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Middles, English (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Teens, English (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Littles, Spanish (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Kids, Spanish (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Middles, Spanish (8 issues)

TOB Monthly Teens, Spanish (8 issues)

(That’s our Tier 1 goal. Our Tier 2 goal would include cycles A,B,C of all of the above. Our Tier 3 goal would include fresh regular content all the time.)

We hope to have all 64 issues available for purchase by this Christmas, which is 2 years from our start date.

Bobby has joined us to help write our TOB Monthly Middles content, and we are thrilled for many reasons, but mostly because he is fun to work with and has a heart of gold for TOB. And because we feel our partnership is yet another sign from God that we’re on the right path, and to keep forging ahead!

Saint John Paul II, pray for us!


The TOBPS Leadership Team