Middles, Teens + Campus are here!

TOB Monthly Middles, Teens, and Campus are finally here! As always, $28 for a set of 8 issues. Click here to purchase now.

Middles is recommended for ages 10-13 and is full of sound bites, memes, jokes, images, and quick bits of info. Perfect for the type of learning that middles prefer.

Teens is recommended for ages 14-18 and hosts a ‘Star’ and ‘Saint’ section in each issue. There is also a ‘zoom in’ page on a given hot topic like abortion, suicide, gender dysphoria, and more. We also love the ‘Splurge + Save’ section!

Campus is the same as Teens but with different covers. So if you are ordering a set of each, please be forewarned, the content inside is the same! These are perfect for ages 19-22.

Happy shopping!

Please let us know if you have any leads on donors to fund our initial print run of all TOB Monthlies in Spanish! Or donate here.

St. Patrick and St. JPII, pray for us!

Lindsay + your TOBPS Leadership Team